drain1 [ dreın ] verb **
▸ 1 let liquid flow away
▸ 2 remove water from land
▸ 3 drink all liquid in something
▸ 4 use energy until tired
▸ 5 when feeling goes away
▸ 6 when face becomes pale
▸ 7 use too much money etc.
1. ) transitive to let liquid flow away from something:
After the pasta is cooked, drain it and serve immediately.
All water tanks and pipes should be drained.
drain something from something: Drain all the syrup from the cans.
a ) intransitive if liquid drains from something, it flows away:
drain away/off: Put the sausages on a rack to let the fat drain off.
Rainwater causes flooding when it can't drain away.
2. ) transitive to get rid of the water in an area of land so that it can be used for farming or building on:
The marshes have now been completely drained.
a ) intransitive if land or soil drains, water flows out of it so it is not too wet
3. ) transitive to drink all the liquid in a container:
They all rose and drained their glasses.
4. ) transitive to use so much of someone's energy or strength, etc. that they feel very tired or weak
5. ) intransitive if a feeling drains from you, it goes away so that you do not feel it any more
6. ) intransitive if the blood or color drains from someone's face, their face quickly becomes very pale, for example because they are shocked
7. ) transitive to use so much of something such as money or supplies that there is not enough available for other things:
Fighting legal battles is draining the company's resources.
drain 2 [ dreın ] noun *
1. ) count a pipe or passage through which water or waste liquid flows away:
The drain's blocked again.
a ) the drains plural the system of pipes and passages that take away water or waste liquid in a town or city
2. ) singular something that uses a lot of something such as money or supplies:
drain on: The war was becoming a serious drain on the nation's resources.
3. ) singular a situation in which a lot of people or things leave a country or organization:
drain of: The government pledged to stop the drain of capital overseas.
4. ) count MEDICAL a tube that carries liquid away from your body, for example one that carries blood away from an injury:
a chest drain
down the drain INFORMAL
completely lost or wasted:
I hate to think of all that hard work going down the drain!

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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